Fox Tails FAQ


The hell?
Fox Tails is a webcomic drawn in manga-style. It's about kitsune (spirit foxes) and other Japanese mythological creatures. It's rated Web14 for mild swearing, some violence, and sexual situations.

Your drawing is a little off in this panel...
I realize I'm not the best artist >.>; At least I can say I'm improving. As you'll see from my deviantArt, my art quality...varies a bit. This is because the comic takes about 2-4 hours to make per page (so I'm not overwhelmed). While the ones in my gallery take 5+ hours. I know, excuses, but you have to realize that I do this for free. Otherwise I'd dedicate more time and energy.

Ooh! I have some fan art/fictions, can I submit them? Will they get on the site?
Heck yeah! I love getting fan art and such X3 Any art submitted gets posted in the fan art section of the site, unless I'm asked not to. Be sure to supply a name or nickname, and/or a website ON the artwork. I don't have room to put those in comments anymore ._.; Fanfictions are also very welcomed and will be posted ^^ They can be canon, AU, one-shots, chapters, whatever. Please keep fan art submissions PG13, I don't need to be looking in my inbox and finding a nekkid picture of one of my characters ;_; Fanfictions, however, can have any rating as long as there are warnings and such. Also, you are free to post your work at other sites and such as long as you make it clear that the characters are my intellectual property.

I wrote up a bunch of story and character ideas, too! Can I send those in?

What? Why not???
This is my story, and it will be written as I choose. I already have plenty of story ideas and characters, please sit down and don't wave at the actors during the performance.

I want *so-and-so* to happen! If it doesn't, I'll stop reading!
See-ya. Like I said, the story is pre-written. It's like reading a book, even if you get mad and stop reading it isn't going to change the way the story ends.

...Is *so-and-so* gay?
I'll leave that to the interpretation of the readers X3 I will tell you that since they can become whichever gender they please, some of the kitsune are bisexual. But really, that doesn't have much to do with the story at all...

I hate your comic.
Then don't read it.

I don't like you =.=

Okay, a real question. Why can't I see your comic?
This seems to happen a lot. Sometimes if you have a Norton firewall or something up, it won't let you view comicgenesis comics. I don't know much about it. Try enabling cookies and javascript and whatever else. Turning off the security temporarily might work too.

Can I use some images from your site?
NO! Email me, and ask permission. Tell me where it will be, and make sure proper credits are given. DO NOT use any of my picture unless I give my 'okay'. If I say no, you'll have to respect that. I don't know why you'd want to use my crappy art in the first place >_>;

Well...I'm going to use your pictures/stories anyway!
Art-theft is a crime. And it IS stealing. Same as shop-lifting or robbing a bank.

Will you be showing up at any conventions?
Sure ^_^ I probably won't start having a table until later, but you can probably find me wandering around an anime convention in a Fox Tails t-shirt every now and then.

LIES! Your webcomic spreads lies!
>_>; It's fiction, I hope it's a lie!

Are you a furry? Your character has fox ears, do you think you're a kitsune? No. I don't believe in real kitsune. My comic is a work of fiction, nothing more. As for furry-whatnot, while my comic may appeal to that fanbase in some ways, it is not a furry comic and I'm not a furry. Heck, there really aren't any anthro characters in my comic. They aren't even technically part-furry. They're actual foxes. The ears and tails can only be seen by those with high spiritual awareness, and aren't really physically there.

Well, that's it for now. If you have any other questions, e-mail me.

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