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Ah, yes. The ever-popular Contact-Me page. Some rules, please. Feel free to send comments/complaints/suggestions to me, but try to be nice. Constructive critisism is welcome, flames are not. I know I'm BOUND to get hate-mail, especially with a comic like this, but just know that any emails I see as flames get deleted immediately with no reply.

I hate to sound stand-off-ish, but if you're going to email me, please respect these rules.

1. Try to use as correct spelling and grammar as you can. If I can't read it, I won't bother with it. This also includes netspeak or l33t. I'll understand if English isn't your first language.
2. No, I won't link you. I only link to sites and comics I like. If it's a kitsune site, I may link it depending on how informative/interesting it is.
3. I will not critique your story/art/webcomic. I will not HELP you with any of the three either. I won't be an artist for you, I won't be a writer or an editor, and I won't design your site.
4. If you wish to use any pieces of my artwork or writing for whatever reason, please inform me of how it will be used and where. Do NOT do it until I give my ok.
5. I won't teach you how to draw o.< (I don't know why you'd want advice from me in the first place.) There are actual websites that will give you better information than me, so why bug ME about it?
6. Number 6 goes for technical issues too, like 'How do I edit my site on comicgenesis?'. Read the Guide and ask at the forum, just like I did. I have no secret information, I swear to you.
7. Messages MUST be related to the site/my work/Fox Tails. I don't know you, and I don't believe friendship is given out so easily. If you want me to take more notice of you, try joining the forum and posting often.
8. Do NOT invite me to myspace or facebook or wherever else, and do NOT send me chain-letters. Anything that you recieve from another person and send un-edited to a bunch of other people is considered a chain-letter. Whether it's a poem, wish-thing, or some variation of the Amber-alert, it's still a chain letter. I've seen every one of them at least twice, and I don't want them anymore. I'm sorry, but please respect my wishes. I honestly don't know why people would think this was a good idea in the first place.
Please title messages "Fox Tails"

It's an image file to help avoid spam :P

AIM: Magic Kitsune (drop me an IM if I'm ever on ^^; )
Runescape: Magickitsune (Adventure with me! But donÕt feel bad if I donÕt respond to a private message, sometimes I turn it off when IÕm busy.)
Gaia Online: MagicKitsune
Furcadia: Magic Kitsune

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