This is a big long guide to kitsune,
or actually the kitsune of Fox Tails.
So if you want to better understand
the ways of the Fox Tails kitsune, then
come on in and read the guide!

Before sending any emails, please read this first ^^;

Who? Me? You want to know about me? ^^;

Name: Fallon Willard
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 5th
Likes: Anime, manga, video-games, reading, and drawing.
Dislikes: When people don't finish their sentences o_e
I don't really like talking about myself >.>; Um...Well, I started reading about kitsune about two years before I started Fox Tails. I read everything I could find, and started drawing them as much as I could. Almost immediately after discovering webcomics, I decided I wanted to make my own (as so many do). Since kitsune were what I was obsessing over at that moment, the first idea for Fox Tails was born.

Now, at first, I had NO idea what the story was going to be about. I just started drawing characters ^^; Who, by the way, look nothing like they do now. Especially Keen. Anyway, things get a bit fuzzy after that. I decided that I would wait a year before registering with Comicgenesis (Keenspace back then). This was so I could improve my drawing skills (can you imagine what they were like back then? *sweatdrops*), get used to drawing the characters, and get the story worked out. As you can see, it mostly worked out :3

Me and Kitsune: I admit, I have a borderline OBSSESSION with all things kitsune. I don't even remember where I found out about them >_>; I just love them to death. I've really studied a lot about kitsune, so don't tell me I'm not suitable to make a web-manga about them -.-; I realize that many stories about kitsune differ from one another, so you may find that you don't agree with the information I present in the story. Just a reminder that my story is MOSTLY based on traditional kitsune lore, but WILL trail off at times (being the FICTIONAL fantasy tale that it is). Just know that I didn't go into this blindly and I DID study for a long time about this stuff. So no "Hey, you did this wrong!" or "No, that's not right!" flames, please ;_; because I more than likely know what I'm doing. Oh, sorry to ramble ^^; I just get excited when I talk (er, type) about kitsune.

Rose Inuken? She's a really good friend of mine ^^ No, she isn't an author. Or an editor. Not an artist either (except for the fillers). So what's the connection between her and the comic? Well, there's none really. Actually she's the "Comic Overseer." I 'hired' her because I tend to procrastinate and sometimes I need a shove in the right direction. She doesn't own Fox Tails at all, she's really more of a team Mascot *gets a knife thrown at her* @_@;;; She's excellent and dedicated and we should all worship her!!! >_>; <_<;

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